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THE CENTER FOR LAND USE INTERPRETATION This is pretty much my favorite website right now. I especially like the "Land Use Database". It's loaded with descriptions of tons of fascinating and strange places in the US.

Abandoned is a great site with photographs and tons of information covering many locations in southern Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee and nearby.

City of Dust. Great site (blog) with tons of photos and writings about: "The lost and wondrous wreckage of America. The ceaseless road to nowhere."

Coal Camp USA. Amazingly thorough, obsessively comprehensive documentation of coal mines and coal mining towns in the Appalachian mountain area.

The Copper Country Explorer This is one of the best sites online focusing on industrial archeology. The Copper Country Explorer has extensive coverage of the history, mines and ruins of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Also in the Keweenaw is the only university industrial archeology program that I know of in the US: at the Michigan Technological University.




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