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philly breweries

1910 Philadelphia German Population and Historic Brewery Locations. Fixed - 2/4/18

Breweries map

A map of Extant Pre-prohibition Breweries. Added - 1/15/18

michigan city

Michigan City, Indiana | The Pre-prohibition, Zorn brewery, and an old coaling tower. Added - 11/29/17


Butte Mined Areas and the Berkeley Pit, Montana | Mine scarred landscape and a toxic open pit mine. Added - 11/29/17


Butte Montana | Former mining metropolis Added - 11/28/17

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Indiana | A mid-sized, Midwestern industrial city. Updated - 11/28/17

East Central Spokane, Washington | A secondary commercial/industrial district and a pre-prohibition brewery. Added - 11/20/17

Ford's River Rouge Complex, Michigan | Ford's vast and weirdly empty River Rouge plant. Added - 11/19/17


Marseilles Illinois | An abandoned water powered Nabisco box factory. Added - 11/19/17

Plainwell Michigan | The nicely remodeled and reused, Michigan Paper Company mill. Added - 11/19/17

Flint Michigan | Former auto manufacturing center that is somehow managing to survive. Added - 11/18/17


Huntington Indiana | A small canal city with a well preserved late 19th century commercial district. Added - 11/11/17

Haymarket Monument

Haymarket Monument, Forest Park, Illinois | The Haymarket Martyrs' Monument and graves of a several of radical labor activists. Added - 11/11/17

South Bend Indiana | Once a major industrial center. Added - 11/8/17

Gebhard Brewery, Morris Illinois | A wonderfully untouched example of pre-prohibition brewery design. Added - 11/6/17

Preston Castle

Preston Castle, Ione, California | Closed reform school with a large Romanesque Revival central building. Added - 10/31/17


Oglesby Illinois| Former center of cement manufacture. Added - 10/31/17

Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg, California | 1935 Beet sugar mill reused for wine tasting and sales. Added - 10/27/17

Freeport Illinois | An interesting downtown with a massive abandoned 100 year old medicine factory. Added - 10/27/17

Joliet Illinois | The ruined Old Joliet Prison and the Joliet Iron Works ruins. Added - 10/26/17


Pullman National Monument, Illinois | 1880s Company town now a national historic monument. Added - 10/25/17

Parchment Michigan | A ruined paper mill at the heart of a former company town. Added - 10/25/17

Antwerp OH

Antwerp Ohio | 1840s canal town that has neither grown nor shrunk in 100 or so years. Added - 10/25/17


Bartonville Illinois | What's left of Peoria State Hospital and the ruined Allied grain mill. Added - 10/20/17

Peru Indiana | Formerly known as "Circus City" with a circus museum and more. Added - 10/20/17

Belding MI

Belding Michigan | A western outpost of the late 19th century silk industry. Added - 10/17/17

Zug Island, Michigan | Apocalyptic industrial landscape on a small island near Detroit. Added - 10/1/17

Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit Michigan | Historic Park with questionable building maintenance. Added - 10/1/17

Packard Plant and Michigan Central Station, Detroit Michigan | The newly stabilized Packard Plant and Michigan Central Station. Added - 10/1/17

The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois | A half scale replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on a suburban strip. Added - 9/28/17

Hawthorne Works, Cicero Illinois | A water tower behind a strip mall is all that's left of what was the largest telephone factory in the US. Added - 9/27/17

Riverside Illinois | One of the first planned suburban communities. Added - 9/26/17

Interurban Bridge, Waterville Ohio

Interurban Bridge, Waterville Ohio | A ruined interurban bridge. Added - 9/25/17

Chicago Illinois | Union Stockyards and the Central Manufacturing District. Added - 9/25/17

Nicholia Kilns, Idaho | Preserved charcoal kilns in a very remote valley. Added - 7/2/17

Smelterville Idaho | Small town next to a closed and demolished lead, silver and zinc smelter. Added - 7/1/17

Graham, NC

Glencoe Mill Village North Carolina | Well preserved textile mill village. Added - 7/1/17

Empire Mine State Historic Park, California | Preserved underground gold mine. Added - 7/1/17


Oakdale Cotton Mill Village, North Carolina| A classic southern textile mill village. Added - 6/26/17

Scotland Neck North Carolina | Small town with two boarded up textile mills, historic downtown and an exotic bird park. Added - 6/18/17

Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park California | Large 19th Century hydraulic mine, now a state park. Added - 6/18/17

North Bloomfield California | Preserved ghost town, Malakoff Diggins State Park headquarters. Added - 6/18/17

North San Juan California | Small gold rush town. Added - 6/18/17

Ramseur, North Carolina | Small textile mill town with a mostly demolished mill. Added - 6/16/17

Greensboro, NC

Greensboro - Proximity Print Works and Revolution Mill North Carolina | The ruined Proximity Print Works and the renovated Revolution Mill. Added - 6/16/17

Klickitat Washington | Lumber mill town with abandoned lumber mill. Added - 6/16/17

Cedar Falls, North Carolina | Small textile mill town with two mills. Added - 6/15/17

Wickes Montana | 1870s-80s silver boomtown. Not much left aside from a charcoal kiln. Added - 6/14/17

Graham, NC

Graham - Oneida Mill | Oneida Mill - a renovated 1882 textile mill. Added - 6/13/17

Scotia California | A well preserved lumber mill company town. Added - 6/11/17

Samoa California | A uniquely well preserved lumber mill company town. Added - 6/11/17

Rodanthe North Carolina | Water Fall Action Park, a small, roadside, abandoned amusement park. Added - 6/10/17

Carolina Mill, North Carolina | Well preserved but unused 1869 textile mill. Added - 6/10/17


Franklinville North Carolina | Textile mill town with a ruined 1840 textile mill. Updated - 6/10/17

Dee, Oregon | Site and ruins of former sawmill company town. Added - 6/10/17

Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula Washington | Some landscapes and nature shots around the Olympic Peninsula. Added - 6/6/2017

Bynum North Carolina | Added two pictures from a recent visit. Updated - 6/3/2017

Haw River North Carolina | Added a bunch of pictures from a recent visit. Updated - 6/1/2017

I've added a page for the maps I've been working on here. There are two new population change maps and more to come. | Added - 02/28/2017

A Map of Notable Post-industrial and Other Anachronistic Places | Added - 02/12/2017

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