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This website exists primarily as means of organizing photos of places I've visited and whatever information about those places I've managed to glean. I envision this site as a very long-term, part-time project that will one day become a useful travel resource for people with interests similar to mine. At the moment the name of the site (Encyclopedia of Forlorn Places) really doesn't mean much as this site is neither encyclopedic in scope nor are all of the places I have photos of here necessarily forlorn.

Photography for me is mostly a secondary interest. I am primarily interested in going to, exploring and experiencing places that have been abandoned or are emptying of inhabitants or places that have always been empty. Essentially these are places that could be fun to visit if you are slightly misanthropic and interested in history or photography or historic preservation or the transient nature of settlement in the US.

I'm trying to make this site as helpful as possible to people who are interested in traveling to and exploring these places. All photo captions are links to google maps of the location where the photo was taken. I've found certain websites immensely helpful to me when planning trips or researching the history of the places I like to visit. I try to link to helpful sites when possible. The year I last visited a place should be included in the indexes of places as well as the number of photos. This should give an indication as to my relative interest and familiarity with a place as well as how up-to-date the photos and information are. I welcome any comments, suggestions and requests for permission to use the images. Email: hedlunch@yahoo.com

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