Fort Wayne, Indiana

Wayne Knitting Mills, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Alert: Congress is threatening to eliminate the Federal Historic Tax Credit. This tax credit has been responsible for saving countless historic structures. Eliminating it would doom thousands of priceless historic structures to demolition. The tax credit has been eliminated in the House version of the 2017 Republican tax bill. If your representative in the House voted for this bill please call them and scream at them. The Tax Credit still exists in the Senate version of the 2017 tax bill. Please call your Senator in support of this tax credit. It is really the only way many historic buildings can be saved and reused. The reuse of historic buildings is vital to the health and success of many cities, towns and neighborhoods. Thank you.

This is not an encyclopedia. My intention is for this to become a useful travel guide to shrinking towns, ghost towns, ruins, historic industrial sites, abandoned buildings, dystopian landscapes and other empty or interesting places.

I've added a map of historically significant post-industrial and anachronistic places here.

I have been experimenting with webmap APIs and have some other maps here: Page of Maps.

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Waterbird Park Martinez CA

Waterbird Regional Preserve, Martinez California

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Ensley Alabama

Ensley Alabama

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