Places in Pennsylvania:

Ambridge PA

Ambridge Pennsylvania | Nice small city on the Ohio River. (1 photo - 2008)

Huber Breaker, Ashley PA

Ashley-Huber Breaker | Massive abandoned coal processing facility near Wilkes-Barre (15 photos - 2013)

Bethlehem PA

Bethlehem | Home of the sprawling and closed Bethlehem Steel Works. (34 photos - 2013)

Braddock PA

Braddock Pennsylvania | Small steel manufacturing city with a complex past and present. (13 photos - 5/2/2010)

Brownsville PA

Brownsville | Important historic commercial center in Southwest Pennsylvania with many empty, at-risk buildings. (8 photos - 2010)

Chester | Historic city embedded in the South Philadelphia suburbs. Chester is rapidly loosing it's population and historic built environment. (1 photo - 2013)

Coplay Cement Kilns | Interesting industrial ruins. (6 photos - 2013)

Duquesne | Dying former steel town on the Monongahela River. (3 photos - 2010)


Homestead | Site of the former Homestead Steel Works, which have been demolished and replaced by a hideous suburban shopping center. (6 photos - 10/11/2006)

Jim Thorpe | A former coal port that in a desperate bid to save itself, in 1953, renamed itself after the recently deceased athlete - Jim Thorpe. (3 photos - 2013)

Johnstown Pennsylvania | Former steel manufacture center with a unique history. (8 photos - 2008)

Koppel | Nice small town with an interesting looking steel mill. (2 photos - 10/9/2006)

Marcus Hook

Marcus Hook Pennsylvania | Very small community completely surrounded by oil refineries and decaying industry. (5 photos - 2013)


Mckeesport Pennsylvania | The commercial heart of the Steel Valley. (12 photos - 5/2/2010)

Monessen | Steel town with closed/demolished mill. (6 photos - 2010)

Natrona | Very small, unique town with an interesting collection of late 18th century worker housing. (4 photos - 7/4/2007)

Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Pennsylvania | A large abandoned asylum. Secured and impossible to get into without taking a "haunted Pennhurst" tour. (1 photo - 2013)

Pittsburgh | Fascinating city that might finally be recovering from the loss of the steel industry (27 photos 2006-2010)

Scranton | Heart of the anthracite region/Scranton Lace Company plant. (7 photos - 2008)

Shippingport | Small cluster of suburban style homes surrounded by enormous power plants. (3 photos - 4/30/2010)



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