Places in New York

Buffalo NY

Buffalo South Lakeshore/Union Ship Canal New York | Formerly industrial waterfront. (10 photos - 2007-2013)

Buffalo NY

Buffalo Central Terminal, New York | Huge 1930 passenger rail terminal saved from abandonment in the 1990s and very slowly being restored. (14 photos - 2013)

Buffalo NY

Buffalo Creek Silos New York | Mammoth abandoned grain silos. (15 photos - 2013)

Colonie - AI Tech Steel Mill, | Abandoned steel mill. (5 photos - 2013)

Lackawanna | Site of what was once the largest steel plant in the world (demolished/empty). (3 photos - 2013)

Love Canal | Site of one of the most infamous environmental disasters in US history. (5 photos - 2013)

New York New York | Some pictures of SOHO, Tribeca, Alphabet City and the Lower East Side from the late 1980s and early 1990s. (8 photos - 1990)

Sharon Springs | Faded resort town with lots of abandoned hotels from the late 1800s. (10 photos - 2013)

The Hotel Adler Spa and Resort Sharon Springs | Photos of The Hotel Alder in Sharon Springs recently taken by J.L.Drew. (16 photos 2016) Added - 06/26/2016

Troy | A few remnants of the iron and steel industry in the Southern part of Troy. (5 photos - 2013)



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