Places in Montana

Alder | Not much to see in this remnant 1860s gold rush town. (1 photo - 2014)


Bannack | Very well executed ghost town/history park. (22 photos - 2014)


Basin | Former mining town with the ruins of a smelter and two radon "health mines". (6 photos - 2014)

Comet | Ghost town - not currently being preserved or developed for tourism. (8 photos - 2014)

Elkhorn | 1880s-90s silver rush ghost town. (11 photos - 2014)


Garnet | Well preserved 1890s ghost town. (9 photos - 2014)

Granite Montana

Granite (Ghost Town) | Ghost Town and extensive remains of a large mine, mill and tramway. (29 photos - 2014)

Nevada City | Small and touristy 1860s gold rush town. (5 photos - 2014)

Philipsburg/Kirkville, | Philipsburg is a nicely restored late 1800s mining town. Kirkville is a nearby (privately owned) ghost town with a marginally active mine. (5 photos - 2014)

Virginia City | 1860s gold rush town which is now a theme park like tourist attraction. (8 photos - 2014)

Wickes | 1870s-80s silver boomtown. Not much left aside from a charcoal kiln. (2 photos - 2014)



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