Places in Missouri

Bonne Terre, Missouri

Bonne Terre | Historic center of the SE Missouri lead mining district. (5 photos - 2013)

Glore Psychiatric Museum, Saint Joseph

Glore Psychiatric Museum, Saint Joseph | A fantastic little museum in a very interesting town. (13 photos - 2013)

Missouri Mines State Historic Site | Lead mine and mill preserved in a state of arrested decay with small museum. (34 photos - 2013)

Park Hills/Dislodge | Heart of the SE Missouri leadbelt during the early 20th century. (6 photos - 2013)

Saint Joseph | Shrinking, isolated mid-sized city with a wealth of historic buildings. (31 photos - 2013)

Saint Louis, Missouri | Some of what's left of the waterfront industrial district. (16 photos - 2013)

Saint Mary | Small river port town that the Mississippi river moved away from during a flood in 1881 | (5 photos - 2013)

Ste. Genevieve | Well preserved French colonial town on the Mississippi river. (12 photos - 2013)



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