Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant

Marble Hill

Outside the Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant

The Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant near Madison Indiana was built from 1977 to 1984. The plant was never finished or put online. After spending $2.5 Billion dollars on the project the Public Service Company of Indiana abandoned it. The plants' massive concrete structures sat abandoned for many years making it a popular site to visit for urban explorers and photographers. As of summer of 2013 almost all of the significant structures had been demolished. I stopped by Marble Hill on the same day that I failed to get into the close by Indiana Army Ammunitions Plant INAAP. It was a fruitless day. When I visited on a Sunday afternoon, I was able to drive into the compound as far as the main plant parking area. Private security approached me immediately and told me to leave. The security contractor, who was friendly enough also told me there really wasn't much left of the plant. I could see from the parking lot that the cooling towers and containment structures had been torn down.

Abandoned Online has more information and a few pictures from before the plant was demolished here.



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