Lockhart, California

lockhart, California

Lockhart, California

Lockhart/Lockhart Ranch was a small town near the now dry Harper Lake. The remains of the town were accessible until fairly recently (2009?). The area around the Lockhart townsite has since been enveloped by a massive solar thermal plant. This plant or collection of plants is supposedly the largest solar thermal installation in the world. As of my last visit in 2013 the entire area around the former Lockhart townsite was a massive construction site with large amounts of construction related traffic traveling back and forth on Harper Lake Road. Aside from a couple of abandoned homes, all of Lockhart has been demolished at this point. The solar thermal plant (pictured) is interesting to look at but the drive down Harper Lake road was horrible. Heavy construction vehicles have badly damaged the road and there was a steady and heavy flow of traffic to the construction areas.



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