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Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

Dioblo Canyon

Diablo Caynon Nuclear Plant

Montana De Oro State Park on the south central California coastline is a wonderful place to walk around on the beach and the coastal mountains. Adjacent to the park are the extensive grounds of the Diablo Canyon power plant. PG&E has opened a portion of these grounds to the public. At the southern end of the coastal road through the park is a parking area and trail head. Exiting the parking lot is a small paved road with some confusing signage. A few hundred yards down this road is a PG&E guard house. At the guard house you have to sign in and agree to some rules and then you can walk for miles along the coastline through the PG&E lands. When I was there in 2011 I had the entire place to myself.

Dioblo Canyon

Grounds of the Diablo Caynon Nuclear Plant

Aparently you can make reservations to hike on the PG&E lands here. This site also has information and maps.