Ashtabula Ohio

The port of Ashtabula Ohio

Ashtabula and nearby Conneaut Ohio were important off loading ports for Lake Superior iron ore headed to steel mills in the Pittsburgh area. I went looking for remnants of Hulett unloaders etc, one day in 2009 and didn't find much. Both ports are still fairly active although it's mostly coal that's being moved now. Almost all evidence of historic port activity has been erased. I did find this chunk of an unloader in a parking lot with plaque on it. Lower Ashtabula has a lovely commercial strip with many surviving buildings from the turn of the century or older. It looked as if the area had stabilized and a few of the buildings had been recently restored for use as new restaurants and bars.

Part of a Hulett unloader

One of the few remnants of the old port I was able to find.


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